College Essay Writing Coach


Imagine you’re a college admissions counselor reading hundreds of applications. When two students are equal in scores and other experiences, the essay, or personal statement, can make the difference between further consideration and a pass. So how do you break the mold of the five-paragraph essay that is standard fare in high school and write something that makes your application stand out?

When Laura MoretzĀ coaches college applicants as they develop an essay, her twenty-five years of experience as a journalist, magazine writer, editor, and teacher are the well that she draws from. From brainstorming to advising on the execution and editing of an essay, she uses her empathetic listening skills to help students find and present their story in a way that is memorable and real. In the process of developing this essay, students often discover new dimensions in their writing ability. When they revise the essay so that it sings, it can open doors.